Why this election actually doesn’t scare me

It’s the Sunday before Election Day.

Barring some freak occurrence – for example, Johnson winning New Mexico and McMullin winning Utah, blocking either main party candidate from winning the Electoral College – either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the President-elect of the United States this Wednesday morning.

This election has cost billions of dollars. That’s crazy by itself. The mudslinging on both sides has gotten ridiculous. I won’t lie to you – this hysteria has gotten to me too at times. Blame it on my age, but that’s not a suitable excuse. I’ve been doing some navel-gazing over the last day or so, and I can’t say my own conduct in this election has always been polite or respectful of everyone. I’ve stooped to the level of people I am disgusted by. I can’t stand that this is where we are as a country. I’m appalled that’s where I’ve been as an individual.

While the Electoral College is tightening up, it still favors Hillary. I don’t know whether to be relieved or bothered by that. I agree with the Electoral College in principle; I’m very glad that the President isn’t actually chosen by everybody. That would be unequivocally a horrible idea. Literally everything I’ve learned here at Ashland has, more and more convincingly, drawn me to the conclusion that (plot twist!) people aren’t generally good decision-makers in large groups.

Be that as it may, the EC could go either way, just because traditional battleground states – like Florida and Ohio, for example – tend to be more in the Donald’s corner. So be it.

It really doesn’t matter who wins, because I’m not really scared either way. Here’s why:

We still have checks and balances.

The more crazy stuff happens here the more grateful I am for the Constitution. Luckily, it shouldn’t matter who wins, because either way Congress and the Supreme Court will seek to block any intrusion on their own power. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

That’s how it will work, at least mostly. The President has a lot of power, but he’s not a dictator. No matter who comes out on top Tuesday, there’ll be a lot of different politicians vying for their own influence. Believe it or not, Congress still has the most direct power of all the branches, because it still makes the laws. I can’t imagine Congress going all the way Democrat, which Hillary would need to gain total control, and even a majority-Republican Congress may have a hard time dealing with a Trump administration, given how many bridges he’s burned with their leadership.

The Supreme Court, too, is unlikely to roll over for either of the two main-party candidates. FDR had to wage a small war on the Supreme Court to get his way back in the 1940s, and either Trump or Hillary will require the same extensive influence to do anything that gets us in too much trouble. More importantly, neither will probably have the influence in Congress to shoot through a Constitutional Amendment over the heads of the Court, anyway. Besides,

The People won’t put up with any shenanigans

I’m not one of those people who feels like we should all buy an AR-15. What I am, though, is one of those people who feels like there enough of the other set to put a stop to either main-party candidate doing anything too crazy.

Either Trump or Hillary would have to perform miracles to win re-election against a serious, articulate contender. Unless the economy is amazing and civil unrest ends in four years (which I doubt would happen even under an excellent President), it won’t happen on their own merits. Even most of the people voting for one of the main-party candidates are only doing so because they think their choice is the only way to block the other one!

Well, I’m quite certain that on the one hand there are enough ‘rednecks’ (which I don’t say in any way derogatorily) to raise a fuss over whatever Hillary might do and enough liberal activists to block Trump from anything he would do.

The American people have a knack for cancelling the crazy plans of tyrants. Go figure.

But most importantly,

God’s got this

It sounds cliche, but it’s never more important than now to remember who’s actually in control of the universe. Even if the next POTUS turns out to be even crazier than his or her detractors think they’ll be, God’s in control.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be fine and dandy for everyone. I don’t need to go into the possible extremes Trump or Hillary might go to. If you’ve paid any attention to election news, you’ve seen fear-mongering on both sides.

I think that, at least for my fellow Christians, there shouldn’t be fear. Believe me, either one will do damage to Christianity’s status in America and, by extension, the world. It’ll happen in different ways, but still.

But it’ll be okay.

He’s got this. He’s got us. And it’s all for His glory – no matter how bad it gets.


I’m not worried.


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